That’s Me

That is me on the right with the two reds.  My friend Lana has been telling me to put a photo of myself up and that is very hard to come by these days 🙂  But finally, here it is.  That’s me and the Two Little Reds at one of my favorite session locations. We live in Cedar Park, TX with my dear husband Jamie, our cats Twinkle, Romeo, Jenny, and our little dog Sadie.

Why Photography?

I am very blessed that God has brought me down this path.  I have been a photographer for many years, but a professional since September 2010, when the youngest Red entered kindergarten.  Of course, I began the photography journey because I wanted to capture each and every moment of my oldest Red’s life.  The fun grew from there, I found that not only did I enjoy getting my kids little moments, I also enjoyed sharing in others moments too.  I knew at that point I would not sit still unless I was chasing little kids around trying to get that perfect shot that “says it all”. What I mean by that is there are certain expressions from every child that the parents look at and say…”that is the look I want to remember”  I strive for those little looks with every session!  I know it sounds so cliche, but to me, photography is the best job!  I always say, “If I win the lottery tomorrow, I will still photograph kids and families, just with fancier equipment.”


A few things about ME:

My favorite color is every shade of BLUE!

Music can put me in a good mood in an instant

I can’t ever say no to a slice birthday cake, and I make no apologies about it 🙂

I am always striving to be a better Christian…BUT…I know He is rolling his eyes at me often

My hometown is Yorktown, TX.  It is a tiny little town near Victoria and I graduated with the same 60-ish kids I started kindergarten with and for that I am blessed.

I will always LOVE George Strait

We (hubs and the two Reds) attend ACL fest when it comes around each year…did I say I loved music?

I write these posts and pages with reckless abandon so PLEASE excuse my grammar and typos!  My English teachers would cringe, but I type what comes out of my head and keep on truckin’!