Parade of Boys {Newborn Photographer, Cedar Park, TX} {Two Little Reds Photography}

So summer has been a bit more hectic than usual and very busy with the littles (newborns).  Within a few days, I had 3 little boys in my studio?  One was super chill, one a swaddle bug, and the other, just fine being awake 😉  They melted my heart and each one with their very own personality.  I am a bit behind with keeping this site updated so I am going to post them together along with some of my Milestone Babies later.

Yes, this was my “chill” little boy.  Not sure if he ever made a peep!  Mom was very calm too, so that does help these little ones relax too.  I think he had the shortest newborn session in history..LOL

Here is my sweet swaddler. He started off just wanting to be squished and snugly in his little wrap until… as all babies do, he fell asleep.  then it was time to play dress up.  Mom had some cool props too.  He had an adorable one with a family heirloom, but I didn’t post in case it was a surprise for family.  He was really so sweet and already had the face of a little man.

Now this little guy was the wide eyed baby.  Bless his Mom, Dad, and Mimi for hanging in there!!  It was definitely worth the wait to calm and feed him to get these results!!